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Porsche 911 Turbo S carbon fiber wheels | Manhattan Motorwerks

Holy sh*t man. It’s unreal. You killed it.

Jeff I.
2018 911 Turbo S

2017 Cayman S rear diffuser

My jaw hurt from smiling

Early this year I had the fortune of meeting Tico Lemoine of Manhattan Motorwerks at the NYC international auto show where we had a lengthily conversation regarding my recent purchase of a 2017 Porsche 718 Cayman S. I was immediately blown away by his knowledge and passion of the Porsche brand as well as every other high end performance car on the market.... I had a blast just talking cars with him. We continued to have conversations over the next few months to address a few possibilities for my 718. I reached out to Tico and decided to do all of the above using only Porsche OEM products including the new Werks Performance Tuning for the 718S, the Porsche Sport Exhaust System, a High flow air filter, replacing the rear diffuser with a GTS style and painting the side air inlets high gloss to match my wheels. Tico and his team at Manhattan Motorwerks met me on a Saturday, their day off so I wouldn’t have to drive to NYC during the week in traffic...he walked me through every aspect of the job...spending as much time as needed so I was verse on every aspect of the job totally making me feel that he was a true partner in my journey. He treated and spoke of my car as it was his own, and lastly and equally as important communicating daily on the progress included photos of my car. The end result was I was blown away....I picked up my car last week and have to say my jaw hurt from smiling as much as I did driving home... Performance was beyond what I had expected, and the new Sport Exhaust was exactly missing from the new Turbo engine not to mention just how great the new GTS Diffuser looks...all Tico’s vision. Bottom line if you own sports car new or old and decide to do any work on it... Tico and Manhattan Motorwerks is the only place to bring you car.

Jeff B.
2017 718 Cayman S

Miami Blue 991.2 GT3 | Manhattan Motorwerks

I cannot say enough how pleased I am

Tico and his team worked on my brand new GT3 in November 2018. Everything was finished within a couple of days; Tico sent me photos and videos throughout the entire process. I cannot say enough how pleased I am with the overall experience with Manhattan Motorwerks. I felt extremely well taken care of--starting many months before the car was even delivered, when Tico was working closely with me to plan my mods. He was extremely familiar with all the different options available and always super-transparent about pricing. I would not hesitate to recommend Tico and Manhattan Motorwerks to any friends or family looking for top-notch aftermarket work on their performance cars.

Matthew F.
2018 911 GT3

You guys rock!

My experience from the beginning to the moment I picked up my reborn beast was perfection. I was informed every step of the seamless installation. My calls were always answered and all my questions answered without any delay. Now the moment I actually sat in my car I immediately noticed a difference. The beast was born ready to rip the road underneath it. It became so much more responsive and the torque is pure ecstasy. Anyone looking to add some real power without sacrificing any reliability and or drivability I would without a doubt recommend this upgrade. Thank you for all of your team’s efforts, hard work and dedication. You guys rock!

Kody T.
Supercharged 2015 Huracan

991.2 Porsche 911 Carrera T | Manhattan Motorwerks

I love what you are doing. My friends are driving and hearing my car… they all want a piece of it.

Alex A.
2018 911 Carrea T

An absolute, 30 year dream come true!

For 30 years I dreamed of my dream car, a Lamborghini! My other car was a 700hp Callaway tuned Stingray that would definitely be tough to rival. This year I purchased a used, fully optioned, 2015 Huracan with under 3,000 miles, drove it a week and had major buyer's remorse. My Vette, a fifth of the cost, walked all over the Lambo. Was truly disappointed. Then I heard about VF Engineering, a West Coast company that was creating jaw-dropping performance upgrades for many cars including the Huracan!!!! Problem solved? Nope, I live on the East Coast. In walked Manhattan Motorwerks! Tico and his crew were on point from the very first phone call! First, they treated me like family, that is huge! But more importantly, they explained the entire process, the time line and laid out all expectations. I dropped the car off, headed out on vacation and let them work their magic. Tico set me up with online access to my car build where I logged in daily to get picture and build updates. The whole process was transparent and I knew my car was safe and being well cared for!! The drive home was surreal! 805hp, AWD Lamborghinis are no joke! Absolutely stunning performance! VF nailed the supercharger, Manhattan Motorwerks nailed the customer service and install! But that's not the end of the story: A few weeks later, they coordinated a track day for the new ride at Monticello Motor Club. Six sessions of insane, high octane, crazy horsepower racing under the guidance of a coach and I can honestly say I love this car!! It is an absolute, 30 year dream come true!! Nothing like a VF supercharger whine!! And in case you're wondering; my Vette can't touch it! Without any hesitation, I completely endorse Manhattan Motorwerks for your upgrade needs! Amazing service, amazing people!

Mike T.
Supercharged 2015 Huracan