With the latest, mind-bending performance and sound of the Aventador SVJ, and the Aventador S and SV that came before it, the original Aventador LP 700 can’t be blamed for feeling a bit overshadowed.

This 2015, having already been fitted with a carbon fiber wing and other aero bits has managed to set itself apart and keep things fresh. Yet, it was still sporting the factory Lamborghini exhaust, limiting its ability to make a statement in a more audible way.

But that has all changed now with the addition of Capristo’s Valved Exhaust System for the LP 700.

Lamborghini Aventador LP 700

With the rear bumper removed, the factory Aventador exhaust sits within its heat shield, waiting to be pulled.

Lamborghini Aventador LP 700 exhaust

Now removed, the car is ready for its new set of pipes.

Capristo Valved Exhaust - Lamborghini Aventador LP700

Constructed of T309 stainless steel, the Capristo system frees up the Aventador’s V12 for more flow, meaning more sound and more power.

Capristo exhaust Aventador LP700 vs stock

The Capristo is also noticeably smaller and lighter than the hulking factory Aventador exhaust system.

It’s four tips offer a new look over the factory slash-back style tips.

The Capristo Valved Exhaust System for the Lamborghini Aventador at work. It also utilizes Capristo’s optional remote kit to cycle between closed and open valves on command, for even more control of the system’s symphonic capabilities.