Unlike it’s GT2 RS sibling, the 991.2 GT3 RS doesn’t come as decked out in carbon fiber from the factory. However, with the Weissach package, a carbon fiber hood, roof and rear spoiler offers a large dose of the woven stuff for all to see.

But what about all of those flat black pieces, such as the front louvers, side inlets and rear deck lid? Those all come in carbon fiber on the 2 RS.

With TECHART, those pieces and more can get the carbon fiber treatment, transforming the look of the GT3 RS, particularly when it’s against a matte gray wrap, as is the case with this customer’s track-ready 911.

GT3 RS TECHART carbon fiber chin spoiler

Out front is TECHART’s front spoiler for the GT3 RS. Coming in three pieces, it’s a full overlay for the existing front spoiler, but in spite of this, it extends further forward, meaning a more pronounced look. The two other pieces overlay on the fender flare. All of this is achieved through a process of cleaning, priming and applying the supplied adhesive to affix it in place.

You can also see the TEHCART carbon fiber air blades that install in the same manner.

GT3 RS TECHART airblade

A close-up look at the air blades that complete the lower nose look.

GT3 RS TECHART carbon fiber louver
GT3 RS TECHART carbon fiber louver

Not all pieces were installed at the same time on this RS, these louvers being some of the pieces that were previously installed.

GT3 RS TECHART carbon fiber inlet
GT3 RS TECHART carbon fiber winglet

The TECHART side inlets and winglets were also previously installed along with the louvers. The three pieces, combined with the factory carbon fiber mirror covers, gave the upper edge of the car the carbon fiber treatment from front to back.

GT3 RS TECHART carbon fiber rear lid

Out back the carbon fiber rear lid helps to complete the look of the factory carbon fiber hood and roof of the RS’s Weissach package.

GT3 RS TECHART carbon fiber side skirt

Finally, a look at the side skirt. These are also a carbon fiber overlay of the factory skirts to carry on the CF look along the lower edge of the RS.

But what about the rear you ask? Well, about that… 1) It is carbon fiber, and 2) You’ll have to wait for a future post to see what it is.