The 991.2 GT2 RS is already a performance monster. With an (underrated) 690 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque, it dominated the Nurburgring in 2017 with a 6:47.25 until the more expensive Lamborghini Aventador SVJ topped it by a few seconds (6:44.97) the next year.

And while it already pushes the twin turbo 3.8L flat six to new heights from the factory, there’s still so much more to be gained in the aftermarket for GT2 RS owners who want to take Porsche’s ultimate 911 performer even further.

The first set of upgrades for this rare, paint-to-sample Carbon Steel Grey GT2 RS is IPD’s y-pipe and intake plenum combined with tuning from GIAC.

On a factory 2RS, GIAC advertises 798 horsepower and 636 lb-ft of torque from their tune. Add the increased flow of the y-pipe and plenum, and 800+ horsepower becomes reality. (Full disclosure: As of writing this car has not made a trip to the dyno, so power is just an estimate.)

GT2 RS IPD intake plenum and y-pipe

IPD’s cast aluminum y-pipe and intake plenum for the GT2 RS are the same as those used on the Turbo and Turbo S models.

991.2 GT2 RS stock y-pipe and plenum

In spite of the 2RS’s Nurburgring-crushing performance, the factory pieces aren’t anything special. Even the factory intake plenum is the exact same part that can be found on the 991.2 Carrera’s smaller 3.0L powerplant.

GT2 RS IPD plenum vs stock
GT2 RS IPD y-pipe vs stock

When placed side-by-side (above and below), the flow advantage from IPD is even more apparent.

GT2 RS IPD y-pipe vs stock
GT2 RS IPD y-pipe vs stock

With the factory plenum and y-pipe removed, now on to the installation…

GT2 RS IPD intake plenum installed

The golf ball style dimples on the inside of the IPD plenum can be seen as it gets ready to support higher boost levels from the GIAC tune.

GT2 RS IPD y-pipe installed

The IPD y-pipe has the job of creating a larger, smoother path for boost to flow, but it must do so in the cramped space below the factory airbox. The flattened, oval-shaped pipe helps take advantage of the limited real estate.

With the first steps in upgrading the GT2 RS complete, thoughts are now turning to the next possible upgrade in the form of larger intercoolers and inlet-outlet piping. Stay tuned.