The Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon has maintained the same squared-jaw look for decades. Now entering its second generation, the G63 saw the changeover from the 5.5L twin turbo V8 to AMG’s new 4.0L biturbo V8 (making more power with less displacement).

However, it still continues to carry the “63” moniker, continuing to confuse those less versed on all things Mercedes.

It also still employs the use of a dual side pipe exhaust system, exiting from either side of the truck, just before the rear wheels underneath the rear passenger doors.

This design doesn’t include a crossover like most rear-exiting systems. This gives it a note that you just don’t find from modern vehicles, much less from one that starts in the $140’s and comes out of Germany.

The result is an unbalanced rumble that sputters and flutters when revved.

2019 AMG G63 stock exhaust

Now, a more refined alternative exists in the form of a titanium system from Akrapovic.

AMG G63 Akrapovic titanium exhaust

Constructed of titanium, the Akrapovic Evolution Line system for the new G63 easily takes the place of the factory system while saving 36 lbs and offering mild performance gains.

But the real benefit is the improvement in sound from the beastly SUV:

AMG G63 valve actuators

To keep full factory functionality, the valve actuators get swapped onto the Akrapovic system with fresh mounting hardware. Because of its positioning, the passenger side receives an extension for the wiring.

2019 AMG G63 stock exhaust

Even though the G-Wagon is a classic, old-school design, the factory AMG chrome tips just look dated. That, and when the V8 is rumbling, the tips shake and rattle like they’re right off of an 80’s pickup.

AMG G63 Akrapovic exhaust tip end

The titanium “tips” of the Akrapovic system. They’ll nestle inside the official one-piece rattle-free tip.

AMG G63 Akrapovic exhaust tip

The Akrapovic tip housing is a stout piece that affixes to the factory step, meaning it’s not actually attached to the exhaust. This results in a sturdy and rattle-free appearance that sits flush with the rocker.

AMG G63 Akrapovic exhaust
AMG G63 Akrapovic titanium exhaust installed

There’s not much to the G63’s exhaust, but in a short distance the Akrapovic system dramatically improves the tone, look and fun of owning the latest version of one of the world’s most iconic SUVs.