When it comes to giving the 993 Turbo the refined, race-inspired handling this aircooled classic deserves, there’s one game in town that stands out: Bilstein.

The German suspension company is a natural fit for the Stuttgart-bred supercar from the 90’s, and their B16 coilover system delivers the adjustability and performance to compliment the boosted 911.

For this black 1996 example–including Porsche mobile phone and all–the customer opted for the PSS10 edition (vs the lower-tier PSS9). The system allows for 10 levels of damping, which can be adjusted as desired for driving conditions. You can cruise around at a more comfortable rate, then crank things up for a day at the track or winding mountain roads.

The mono-tube gas shocks have up to 20mm of adjustment, both front and rear, to achieve the perfect stance. The result is a ride height that is anywhere from 30-50mm lower than stock.

Bilstein PSS10 993 Turbo

The full Bilstein B16 PSS10 coilover supsension system for the 993 Turbo spread out and ready for install. With its coating using “Triple-C-Technology” and springs plates and lock nuts made from a special aluminum alloy, it will withstand the elements and corrosion while looking good for years and miles to come.

993 Turbo front strut and spring assembly
993 Turbo factory rear shock and spring assembly

The factory 993 Turbo suspension was fine for a mid-90’s sports car off the showroom floor, yet unlike a modern 911, with such features as PASM and Sport/Sport Plus, it lacks the flexibility to meet different driving demands. The Bilstein B16 will remedy this.

993 Turbo factory spring
993 Turbo factory strut

Even with just 30-something thousand miles, time takes its toll. Soft components deteriorate, and grease and grime take hold. Simply sitting parked over decades will wear on a suspension.

Bilstein PSS10 coilover vs 993 Turbo factory
993 Turbo factory rear shock and spring

Even though the factory suspension is out of the car, they original components will remain with the owner for the sake of keeping the original equipment on hand if the decision is made to go back to stock.

Bilstein PSS10 993 Turbo front coilover 993 Turbo
Bilstein PSS10 993 Turbo - Front Coilover

That’s better. The Bilstein blue springs and chrome strut/shock tubes give this 911 a fresh look to go with its improved handling and stance.

Bilstein PSS10 993 Turbo - Rear
Bilstein PSS10 993 Turbo end link

The rear Bilstein setup even comes with new end links. Note the dial for setting the damping/rebound rate of the shock. It’s adjustable from 1-10 front and rear. We’ll start with a neutral setting of 5 all the way around, then adjust as desired.

993 Turbo wheel alignment
993 Turbo Bilstein PSS10 alignment

No suspension swap is complete without a full four-wheel alignment.

993 Turbo factory ride height

Before: Just your average 993 Turbo sitting on a 23-year-old suspension.

993 Turbo Bilstein PSS10 coilover installed

After: Bilstein B16 PSS10 coilovers adjusted for a lower and more aggressive stance.