After many miles of driving with the standard Porsche Cayman exhaust and missing out on the sportier sound and ability to switch between modes, this Connecticut-based 981 finally got to join the PSE party.

Converting a non-Porsche Sport Exhaust car to PSE–with full factory functionality–is a little more involved than a normal aftermarket cat-back swap. However, while this particular car is a 2014 Cayman, the job is relatively the same across the late model Porsche lineup.

981 Porsche Cayman/Boxster sport exhaust

It’s not just an exhaust. The 981 PSE system comes with everything needed to be installed and operate as if it originally came from the factory with the sport exhaust option selected.

981 Porsche standard exhaust non PSE

It has done its job, but now it’s time to go. As a base Cayman, it’s no surprise it came equipped with the standard, quieter exhaust system for its 2.7L flat six.

981 Porsche Cayman/Boxster sport exhaust valve

Instead of being a giant muffler, the PSE version has a smaller chamber size and includes a vacuum-operated bypass valve for improved flow and an aggressive sound when activated. Part of the installation will be routing the vacuum lines and installing the solenoid that will allow the valves to open or stay closed.

981 Porsche Cayman engine

With its mid-engine layout, accessing the Cayman’s (and Boxster’s) powerplant involves removing an access panel that, in the Cayman’s case, is under the rear hatch, interior pieces and carpeting.

981 Porsche sport exhaust vacuum switch
981 Porsche sport exhaust vacuum lines

The vacuum solenoid switch and vacuum lines provided in the kit must be routed and installed to actuate the valves. This is controlled electronically, which involves the next step…

981 Porsche sport exhaust wiring
981 Porsche sport exhaust button

The wiring and connections must be routed from the engine bay and into the cabin, ultimately ending up in the center console where the new PSE switch is installed in the factory location (for the most accurate OEM look).

But that’s not the end of it, the switch’s location needs to then be assigned to the PSE system using the factory PIWIS tester (as well as reprogramming any switches that have been moved).

981 Porsche sport exhaust system

Whether it’s a 981, a 718 Cayman or Boxster, a 911 Carrera, Macan, Cayenne or Panamera, converting to PSE can be performed as if it had came from the factory that way. It’s a great way to add functionality and performance to your Porsche while keeping everything OEM. It also increases the resale value, as a PSE-equipped car is far more desirable in the marketplace.