During a recent track day at Monticello Motor Club, we were able to to bring out our latest 718 Cayman GTS to see how our upgrades fared through the twisties and down the straights.

Featuring a GIAC tune that takes output up to the 400 horsepower range and a set of TECHART lowering springs and H&R wheel spacers for improved handling and grip, the GTS was an instant hit with our instructor, Max, who was able to tell that this was no normal Porsche.

Already a capable and highly-praised driver’s car, the Cayman GTS is handicapped in the power department by only receiving a 2.5L turbo flat four cylinder vs. the 991.2‘s 3.0L twin turbo flat six. The addition of DME tuning by GIAC closes that gap.

Combine it with better handling, and this driver’s car becomes a driver’s dream.

718 Cayman GTS at Monticello Motor Club

The Cayman’s lowered and widened stance is a subtle indication that this GTS has something more in store for the turn-heavy layout of Monticello Motor Club.

TECHART lowering springs 718 Cayman & Boxster
TECHART lowering springs 718 Cayman & Boxster

TECHART has become our go-to spring choice for Porsche. It’s lower, but not too low. Firm, but not harsh. Around town the car rides similar to stock, but as the corners and speeds get more aggressive, the progressive spring rate steps in to handle the challenge.

H&R wheel spacer 718 Cayman & Boxster

The H&R wheel spacers increase the track width while adding an improved aesthetic for the GTS’s new lowered stance. The black finish and (longer) lug bolts will blend with the factory black wheels.

718 Cayman & Boxster performance tuning

After returning from GIAC in Southern California, the tuned DME is plugged back in and awaiting install under the trim and carpet of the Cayman’s hatch area, just outside the bulkhead that houses the now 400+ horsepower turbo flat four.

718 Cayman GTS track day cornering

Everything comes together to produce a fast and fun street car that can pull double duty as a pumped-up weekend track car. Best of all, these upgrades can be applied to all Cayman and Boxster models, increasing the handling and on-tap power of your 718 (and even older models like the 981). And while this GTS boasted a PDK transmission, three pedal drivers can get even more gear-rowing excitement with the addition of a Numeric Racing billet short throw shifter.

Check out the Manhattan Motorwerks 718 Cayman GTS in action around Monticello Motor Club: