The carbon fiber wing of the 991/911.2 RS cars is major part of what makes an RS what it is.

Functional and distinctive, it works with the rest of the car to produce ‘Ring record-setting lap times and lets everyone on the street know that it’s not your “average” 911.

Yet, from time to time images of wing-deleted GT3 RS and GT2 RS cars will spread across the web, sparking mixed responses. Purists will loathe the desecration of an icon and enthusiasts will preach at length as to how the car’s entire performance profile has been upended. Others will praise the look as a stylish throwback or a classier design choice, since they’re not the type to like big wings on the street in the first place.

Whatever your take on the decision, there’s one thing that can’t be denied: Simply removing the wing leaves the car looking like it’s missing something.

Because it is.

In most cases, the wing and its uprights are simply removed from the sides of the decklid’s ducktail. Yet, the hard edges left on either side where the uprights once stood don’t quite fit on the distinctly and historically curvaceous 911.

But what if there was something out there that could fill that void? And not only that, something that would enhance the look of the now wing-less RS to the point where it looks as if it were designed to be that way from the factory. As if Porsche had a hidden option few ever knew about.

That’s where these wingtips by Sicktoiz come in.

991.2 GT2 RS / GT3 RS wing delete winglets
991.2 GT2 RS / GT3 RS wing delete winglets

Designed to extend the factory ducktail across the rear quarter panels with a smooth and satisfying transition, they are the perfect remedy for the incomplete look left by removing the factory wing.

Machined from solid aluminum and arriving bare metal, we sent the wingtips to J&B Body Works in Mt. Vernon, NY along with the factory wing with painted wingtips to color-match the Nardo Grey.

991.2 GT2 RS / GT3 RS wing delete winglets

The 3mm thick shell utilizes the factory mounting points for the factory wing uprights with stainless steel fasteners along with the ability to make minor adjustments for optimal fitment.

991.2 GT2 RS / GT3 RS wing delete winglets

Deciding to remove the factory RS wing is a bold choice and bound to be a polarizing subject among the cars & coffee crowd. But if you’re going to make the move, we suggest going all the way. Not only will it complete the look of your now wingless RS, it may just force some of the detractors to admit that, while not their preference, they can appreciate the style. The Sicktoiz wingtips fit both the 991.2 GT2 RS and 991/991.2 GT3 RS. Contact us today to set your RS apart from the crowd. Well, more than it already does.