There’s no denying the GT3 is as capable on the track as it is on the street. With the six speed manual available for 2017 and up (not to mention the upgrade to the 4.0L), it offered purists a proper three pedals.

However, it still utilized the same shifter used in the seven-speed 991 (and in the 718 and 981 Cayman/Boxsters). While good, even great by manufacturer standards, there’s always a sacrifice when producing en masse for a multitude of driving styles.

Luckily for all owners of late model Porsches, there’s a solution for those wanting their shifts a little crisper and their throws a little quicker.

Numeric Racing’s adjustable short throw shifter features billet aluminum construction and delivers precise shifts that engage with a confidently mechanical sound. And to go further, Numeric’s performance cables increases strength and reduces play in the connection between driver and gears.

Numeric Racing billet shifter vs factory Porsche 911

Before even installing the Numeric shifter, its slick billet aluminum construction when placed next to the mass-produced Porsche unit defines “quality over quantity”.

Numeric Racing shifter cable for Porsche 911, 991, 981, 718, GT3

The same contrast applies to the larger diameter cables and billet aluminum rods ends found on the Numeric Racing setup.

Numeric Racing shifter and cables
Porsche 911 shifter connections (991)

A comparison between the connection points of the Numeric shifter and cable and that of the factory unit that uses a plastic sleeve for the cables to ratchet into. (Not pictured: inner bushing caps are used to make the final connection for the Numeric shifter and rod ends.)

Porsche 911 991 GT3 interior removed

Installing the cables requires removal of the center console as well as underside panels.

Numeric Racing Porsche 911 cables, GT3 transmission

The Numeric cables as they mount to support brackets on the GT3’s six-speed transmission.

Unfortunately, after everything is reinstalled, the good looks of the Numeric short throw shifter will be hidden from view under the center console, boot and shift knob. However, you’ll be able to immediately tell the difference the moment you engage a gear (and shift into the next one).