The introduction of the twin turbo 3.0L in the 991.2 brought with it more power from the factory and even more power potential when tuned. However, there’s still a soft-spot for the naturally aspirated 3.8L found in the early 991 models. Be it the incredible sound, a slightly higher redline or simple nostalgia for the way things used to be, the 991 still holds its own against its boosted brethren.

To help give it an extra edge, we gave this 2015 Agate Grey GTS a double shot of performance.

As this model was equipped with the 7-speed manual, a billet short throw shifter from Numeric Racing was a no-brainer. The reduced throw distance and sharp, confident engagements has been a popular upgrade for customers who prefer three pedals. You can’t even tell its there (until the moment you move it).

Numeric Racing Porsche billet short throw shifter

Next on the agenda was to recalibrate the GTS for more performance.

Utilizing GIAC’s tuning suite and cable, we’re able to tune the early 991’s on-site. Coaxing out a little more horsepower and torque while smoothing out the powerband and sharpening throttle response will help it hang a little better against its newer 991.2 siblings.

New York Porsche 911 tuning, GIAC

Breathing new life into this 991 GTS, these upgrades enhance the natural driving dynamics of the legendary 3.8.

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Agate Grey Posche 911 GTS performance New York